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Two Orphans From City Of Safi

Dear Friends,

Winter has been difficult for us here in the US and around the world in general but we were able to help few orphans overcome it by providing winter supplies such as blankets and coats/shoes.
We ask that you still support us with a monthly sponsorship or contributions that you can afford on a regular schedule to meet the growing number of orphans joining our programs.

We learned of two orphans in the city of Safi, south of Casablanca who are in dire need of everything.

Please help us provide for them and their caretaker. The cost is $30.00/month or $360/year.

Jazakum Allah Kheyr.

New and Tragic Case in Morocco

We have learned of a new and tragic case in Morocco regarding a young orphan. Here is his story:

The little boy lives in the city of Settat, his father is deceased and survived by the little boy, his mother and sister. They are very poor adn have no income other than the one from the mother and sister who work as cleaning ladies/maids. They work all day and must leave the little boy at home, alone. To make it even harder, the little boy is mentally disabled and cannot attend school nor be under regular and required medical care. Many times he would go missing while his mother and sister are working outside the home for their meager income. The little boy has been seen many times lost in the streets of Safi, hungry and without proper clothes or no clothes at all.
Neither his mother nor his sister can afford his medical care or treatment, even less stay home to watch him and look after him.
This is an urgent appeal to help us provide much needed assistance to this child and family and lighten up the burden on his widow mother and orphan sister. Times have especially hard for both bread-winners in this harsh winter.

Only Allah can reward you for helping this extremely needy family. Jazakum Allah Kheyr.

Winter 2013

Winter is upon us and this is year has not been all sunny, even though it is Morocco.
Many families are struggling to secure enough winter clothes, shoes and blankets for their families and the situation is worse for orphans.
We ask you in these difficult winter days and long freezing nights to donate to YatimHelp in support of our winter program. We are offering winter apparel and blankets to our sponsored orphans to ensure they are not victims of the cold.
Price per blanket: $25.00
Please hurry, keep these little hearts, mind and bodies warm and happy.
Jazakum Allah Kheyr.

1$ Or Less Per Day

As low as a $30 per month per child donation will make a huge difference in the life of an orphan child. Actually just the fact that yatim (orphan) realize that someone who does not even know him is thinking about him will make a huge difference in his whole life. Please do not miss this opportunity to shape the life of another human been and especially an orphan.
You can donate more or less but be assured that all your donations are 100% used for the orphans. The raised money will be exclusively and directly sent to the orphans to cover their education and nutrition expenses. as an organization does not use the money raised to cover any other expenses. All the people working at are volunteers and your donation is given in its entirety to the yatim’s.

 Please Donate Generously and send your check at:

Yatim Help

28 Kendall Dr Parlin, NJ 08859.

Or Click On Donate

َقَالَ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم

 من عال ثلاثة من الأيتام كان كمن قام ليله وصام نهاره وغدا وراح شاهرا سيفه في سبيل الله وكنت أنا وهو في الجنة أخوين كهاتين أختان وألصق إصبعيه السبابة والوسطى