1$ Or Less Per Day

As low as a $30 per month per child donation will make a huge difference in the life of an orphan child. Actually just the fact that yatim (orphan) realize that someone who does not even know him is thinking about him will make a huge difference in his whole life. Please do not miss this opportunity to shape the life of another human been and especially an orphan.
You can donate more or less but be assured that all your donations are 100% used for the orphans. The raised money will be exclusively and directly sent to the orphans to cover their education and nutrition expenses. Yatimhlep.org as an organization does not use the money raised to cover any other expenses. All the people working at Yahtimhelp.org are volunteers and your donation is given in its entirety to the yatim’s.

 Please Donate Generously and send your check at:

Yatim Help

28 Kendall Dr Parlin, NJ 08859.

Or Click On Donate

َقَالَ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم

 من عال ثلاثة من الأيتام كان كمن قام ليله وصام نهاره وغدا وراح شاهرا سيفه في سبيل الله وكنت أنا وهو في الجنة أخوين كهاتين أختان وألصق إصبعيه السبابة والوسطى


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