New and Tragic Case in Morocco

We have learned of a new and tragic case in Morocco regarding a young orphan. Here is his story:

The little boy lives in the city of Settat, his father is deceased and survived by the little boy, his mother and sister. They are very poor adn have no income other than the one from the mother and sister who work as cleaning ladies/maids. They work all day and must leave the little boy at home, alone. To make it even harder, the little boy is mentally disabled and cannot attend school nor be under regular and required medical care. Many times he would go missing while his mother and sister are working outside the home for their meager income. The little boy has been seen many times lost in the streets of Safi, hungry and without proper clothes or no clothes at all.
Neither his mother nor his sister can afford his medical care or treatment, even less stay home to watch him and look after him.
This is an urgent appeal to help us provide much needed assistance to this child and family and lighten up the burden on his widow mother and orphan sister. Times have especially hard for both bread-winners in this harsh winter.

Only Allah can reward you for helping this extremely needy family. Jazakum Allah Kheyr.

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