Yatim Help is a nonprofit corporaton based in the United State Of America that helps orphans in Morocco. YatimHelp does not provide anything other than financial and in-kind support to orphans. We take the time to reach out to families and visit them in person to inquire about the child(dren) and ensure that he/she is legally orphaned (death certificate of the father and he/she under 18 years).

YatimHelp chose to fund directly the mothers(widows) of orphaned children as there is no better caregiver and trustworthy person than a mother, to ensure that the funds are wisely and efficiently utilized to benefit the child.

We proceed to monthly distributions of funds and follow up on the health and school standing of the child. Additional gifts are offered to orphans who perform exceptionally in school or at time, those who do not drop out.

We seek your assistance to make an orphan (and his family) happy. No administrative fees or processing costs are deducted from your donations. We do what we do because we believe in a higher power and seek a higher reward.

Please donate, every bit can help even the smallest amount but please be generous and steady, as the best charity is the steady one.