The three orphans

Mrs. Naima, a 30 years old widow and mother of three (3) boys ages: 6, 4 and 2 is facing eviction from her shared rental apartment in Casablanca (hay Anassi sidi Bernoussi). Her husband died unexpectedly last year and left them with nothing. Naima has no steady job and only supports her children by working -when possible- as a cleaning lady or day laborer. Work is unsteady and payments for a whole day of hard work could go from a low 40 Dhs to a high 90 Dhs, which is by no means enough to even feed them all.

Her boys are facing both eviction and malnutrition given the limited food available and even less nutritional foods necessary for their growth. Her oldest may not even attend school because she cannot afford school supplies. She currently has to seek a roommate’s help to care after her sons while she goes looking for jobs, but her roommate is leaving the shared housing soon. Alone, Naima cannot afford to pay the full rent nor seek work without a caregiver for her orphan sons.

We call on all the kind and generous hearts to help this widow and these innocent orphans who have no help but from Allah and merciful hearts. We would like to pay a year’s worth of rent in advance for her little family to ensure their safety and allow her to seek a regular employment with her expertise and trade which is cooking and catering.

The whole year of rent wil cost: $1500.00 only. She is desperately seeking your assistance to keep what’s left of her family united and not be forced to the street with her three young sons. Please hurry.
Jazakum Allah Khayr

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